Super ballerina (human) habits!

Apr 25, 2022

As I was doing some spring cleaning on my computer I came across a blog post that I wrote around about this time 12 months ago…

I was shocked by my closed mindset, depressive attitude and just lack of hope that radiated from the page. I’m so glad I didn’t share it. I was obviously having a moment and as I’ve always said, writing is how I process my thoughts, feelings and make sense of this world.

It read…

This year we’ve been told to stay at home and just be. Stay at home and just cook. Stay at home and stir, learn, watch, read, support and listen. Well I’m tired of learning and even more tired of its cousin ‘pivoting’. I’m tired of adapting and watching all the work I’ve done over the year unravel before my eyes whilst everyone perfects the art of banana bread – myself included.

Conversations previously ended with ‘take care’ and now they end with ‘stay safe’. I don’t even know what we’re staying safe from anymore. Safe from a virus? Or safe from going mentally insane amongst the madness of the world we currently live in.

I. Am. Just. So. Tired.

Never before have I ever left so many texts unread, allowed calls to go to voicemail or picked up the phone as its ringing to only take a deep breath and put it back down. I’ve found myself talking to friends less frequently, because if I do I tend to just whinge and talk at them. I can’t help myself so the choice is silence or a conversation that ends with me berating myself afterwards for my inconsiderate chatter and lack of listening skills.

Umm woah!

Today I read that and think, who even is that girl! But in all seriousness I do recognise her and she was really not coping with the state of the world we are currently living in.

I remember during this time feeling very sorry for myself but then I remembered that the world doesn’t owe me anything. I have to go out and make things happen for myself. As one of my favourite podcasters Rich Roll says, “Mood follows action!”

The actions I was taking were of self pity. It started with not going for my regular morning walks. Then I began getting lazy with my breakfast. Instead of a nutrient filled smoothie I clung onto the comfort of cereal or couldn’t be bothered with breakfast at all. Instead of stretching, I’d sit on the couch and watch the news. And forget about journalling and meditation – it was completely out the window.

Don’t even get me started about feeling overwhelmed in the office. I stopped dropping regular episodes of the podcast. I began getting angry at having to implement covid regulations at my studio. And I felt like I wasn’t being the teacher that I wanted to be because of the noise and chatter in my brain.

The mood that follows this kind of action is the mood that wrote those words 12 months ago…

This period only lasted about a month or two, but it was enough to derail me. And I guess why I’m sharing this with you is because I know that sometimes many of you feel overwhelmed, uninspired or in a funk. I know because you message me. I know because you talk to me after class.

The past two years have been extremely difficult on everyone and I want you to know it’s completely normal to feel all the feelings. When goals have been made and forgotten, performances cancelled, classes interrupted or work disappear, it’s actually okay to fall off the bandwagon for a period.

Look, it’s not ideal! But it’s okay. It’s life. And life is hard. But we have to remind ourselves as the famous author Glennon Doyle does, “I can do hard things!”

Two months of feeling a bit funky, does not derail my entire life. It does not derail my podcast, my classes, my students, my business or my passion. Because it’s important to realise that this is just a phase, just a moment in time and as they say ‘it too shall pass’…

Another reason why I’m sharing this concept of ‘mood follows action’ is because your actions are first and foremost the most important thing. Don’t feel like going to class? Well let me ask you a question, have you ever regretted going to a ballet class? Probably not. Just like how we never regret a carefully prepared nutritious meal or a walk on the beach. The amount of times I don’t feel like going for my morning walk… but by the time it’s almost over, I’m skipping home.

So if you’re feeling a little low, I wanted this episode to remind you that we all go through these slumps. It’s just a matter of recognising that you’re in one and making some baby steps to move on out of it.

Now have you got a pen and paper because I’m going to share some super ballerina habits!

These are the things that keep me out of a funk and living my best life:

  • SUNLIGHT (morning sun during my morning walks is an essential part of my day)
  • WHOLE FOODS (my skin and energy is next level when I am diligent with this)
  • HYDRATION (you’ve heard it before, but you need to be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water per day)
  • SLEEP (get to know your body, I know that I can’t operate on less than 8 hours and i’m super strict with my bed time)
  • MUSIC (put your favourite playlist on in the car or do some body conditioning to your favourite artist)
  • DECLUTTERING (now I know some people thrive in a chaotic environment, but I truly believe a clean space leads to a clear mind)
  • FUTURE PLANNING (this is where journalling comes in, write down your goals, what you want in life as planning for the future gets you excited!)
  • MOVEMENT (of course I’m going to recommend ballet here…)

Now for some that are really taking it to the next step, the ones that REALLY move the needle:

  • MEDITATE (I’ve spoken on this podcast before about the fact I am a far better ballet teacher since implementing regular meditation)
  • BREATHWORK (I am in my infancy with regular breathwork practice, but my gosh it makes a difference to my mental and physical health)
  • COLD SHOWERS (just trust me on this one)
  • CONSISTENT STRETCH & MOBILITY (a flexible body equals a flexible mind)
  • LEARNING (think you’ve finished learning? Have a goal that requires further study?)
  • DAILY GRATITUDE (write down, every single day, three things you’re grateful for)

If you think you don’t have time for even a few of these things then I ask you (and myself) do you have time not to?


And remember, every time you place your hand on that barre, it’s an opportunity to check in with yourself, drop into your glorious body and perform as you all know what I like to call ballet – some moving meditation.

Peace & Pliés,


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