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Top 10 tips for auditions!

The following advice is mostly in relation to ballet auditions, because that's the kind of environment I know best. If you're about to embark on a jazz, musical theatre or commercial dance audition these tips will be useful, however I'd do some further research into...

Episode #22 Sarah Kiely wants you to find your dance team!

Todays guest is super cool! Sarah Kiely is a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, dance teacher and qualified dry needling practitioner. Sarah completed both her Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast....

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Oh Hello!

My name is Georgia!

I’m a full time ballet advocate, teacher, studio owner, adult ballet lover and guest speaker…

My mission?

To break down the elitist barriers often associated with ballet so that everyone can enjoy the grace it can bring to your daily life.

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