How I'm dealing with covid at my ballet studio...

Apr 25, 2022

The other day I was asked by another studio owner, "How are you managing covid in your dance studio?"


I focus on a few other ‘c’ words…

CARE and CONSIDERATION every step along the way.

It’s been an incredibly difficult few years for small businesses who are constantly trying to manage the forever evolving rules and regulations that can change in a heartbeat.

Every time this happens I stop for a second and put myself in a variety of students and families shoes before making an announcement or mandating a rule.

Personally, I’m tired of communicating and implementing ‘covid safe’ rules and regulations. I signed up to be a ballet teacher NOT the covid police. Haha!

But this is currently the world we live in and as an entrepreneur and leader within my dance community, this is my responsibility.

Many of my friends who own dance and pilates or yoga studios are honestly just trying to create a safe space for everyone to continue doing what they love most.

Everyone in this industry just wants to serve their beautiful communities.

Now I just wanted to share some thoughts in case they also help you gracefully and thoughtfully navigate these times…

The Wearing of Masks
Due to a recent surge in cases, masks indoors are being mandated by many governments. However many students are often opting to wear one regardless. It’s important to not judge someone for either wearing or not wearing one. There are many people who have a serious medical reason and simply can’t. Personally I will be wearing a mask, however it’s important that students who are having difficulty breathing due to strenuous exercise take it off to breathe deeply and fully.

Class Sizes & Cleaning
As we return to in-person classes many studio owners are closely monitoring class sizes. This is why it’s so important to book ahead of time and read important information before attending to help the amount of additional admin that comes with this. In between scrubbing barres, foyers and bathrooms teachers need time to plan and prepare beautiful classes for their students.

Prioritise Wellbeing
If you’ve listened to the podcast or follow me on Instagram it’s no surprise where I stand on health, wellness and movement. Now more than ever do you need to prioritise and structure your personal self care practices. Vaccines, vitamins and a voracious implementation of focussed movement is going to get us through this!

Just remember, peace and pliés always my beautiful ballerinas…

Georgia x

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