Some TOUGH LOVE on how to edit your life and achieve your ballet goals!

May 18, 2023

If ballet is your dream, then it's time to start editing your life and making the changes needed to make it reality!

If you feel called to reap the benefits that ballet training can bring to your everyday life, then in my experience you will make the room and time for it.

This doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job, but instead look for creative ways to bring ballet into your life.

Taking ballet classes at a local studio or investing in an online course are great options if you want to start training ballet without giving up the other important things in your life.

Begin with committing to one class per week or a mini course.

It might also be helpful to look at your daily routine and see where you can make changes that will help you focus on ballet.

For example, getting enough sleep is important for ballet training, so it’s a good idea to go to bed earlier so you have the energy for morning or evening classes.

You could also try finding small ways to insert ballet into your everyday life such as listening to classical music during commuting or completing your calf raises whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

If you truly want to make ballet a part of your lifestyle, then it’s important to stay committed and motivated. Make sure you have something that will keep you accountable, like writing down goals or tracking progress in some way.

Ballet isn't something you can pick up and put down. This inconsistency just leads to dissatisfaction. But most of all, remember to enjoy the journey and appreciate ballet for what it is – a beautiful art form.

With dedication and the right attitude, you can make ballet dreams become a reality! All it takes is commitment to editing your life in ways that make ballet part of your everyday routine.

So with all that said, your first step is to get organised. Set up a planner and make sure you have enough space in your schedule for ballet classes. Set realistic goals and deadlines so you can track your progress.

And I highly recommend to committing to at least 10 classes or the entirety of a course to really work out wether ballet training is for you.

Next, take a look at your lifestyle. Are there any changes you need to make in order to prioritise ballet? Maybe it means eating healthier or getting more sleep so that you are rested for ballet classes.

It might also mean making time for mental health days where you can relax and recharge. Your muscles will be a little sore (the good kind!) and a weekly bath with epsom salts is a wonderful inclusion to your self-care routine.

One of the beautiful things about developing a ballet practise is that it makes us more aware of taking care of our physical bodies!

Finally, find a ballet mentor or coach who can help you stay on track and reach your ballet dreams. Working with an experienced ballet teacher will give you the guidance and support necessary to strive for success.

Don't flounder in the abyss of YouTube or social media for coaching! 

Free content is a wonderful introduction, but you want to seek professional and tailored guidance in order to set yourself up for success. With dedication, hard work and patience, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your ballet goals!

Remember, ballet is a long-term commitment and it will take time and effort to reach your ballet dreams.

But with the right mindset and tools, you can achieve a beautiful and fulfilling ballet practise with beautiful posture your friends will notice.

Good luck on your ballet journey!

Peace & Pliés,

Georgia x

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