FREE! Home Program Worksheet


So many ballerinas have goals that require a little extra work outside the studio! This worksheet will help you structure a home program that assists your body conditioning and mindset goals.

Balance comes from starting and finishing your day on the right note. So let's structure your home program to suit your mornings and evenings!

I truly believe that your daily habits and CHOICES will determine your long-term results and happiness. 

So what does a home program look like? Basically you want to incorporate everything that you love doing that makes your body feel AMAZING. This is why everyone's home program will look a little different. There's no point in creating one that you don't enjoy doing, because you'll never do it!

I also recommend picking a spot around the house where you can leave some equipment and make it your 'home program' space. For example, I have a basket with my yoga mat, pilates ball, block, pillow and other miscellaneous items in a relaxing sun filled spot in my home. This inspires me to roll out my mat and so some body conditioning or meditation.

Now, print this worksheet and set some time aside to go to your favourite coffee shop (park bench or beach)  and fill in the blanks. Or simply make a cup of tea and take your time answering in the privacy of your own home. This worksheet is not overly complex but WILL get your mind going!