FREE! Intention Setting Worksheet


With a new year or a new chapter, it's important to set intentions. Balance comes from designing your life and balance looks different to everyone. If you're ready to analyse and design your life, then this two-page worksheet is for you. And wait, it's FREE so there's no excuses!

I truly believe that your daily habits and CHOICES will determine your long-term results and happiness. 

I really think we all make choices in life. We choose to sleep in instead of hitting the gym. We choose to go through the drive-through at McDonalds instead of prepping our meals for the week. We choose to buy houses that we can't afford instead of living within our means. The list goes on and on... you get the picture!

Whilst filling in your worksheet, remember these key points...

  • I choose to take responsibility and design my own LIFE for happiness!
  • I choose to eat good food for my physical and mental health and wellbeing!
  • I choose to move my body EVERYDAY!
  • I choose to make sure the special people in my life know that I love them...

You'll notice that I use the words, 'What do I do...?' instead of 'What will I do...?' throughout the worksheet. This is because it implies that you are already either doing it (which if that's the case, then still write it down to reinforce) or from that moment on you're doing it.

Now, print this worksheet and set some time aside to go to your favourite coffee shop (park bench or beach)  and fill in the blanks. Or simply make a cup of tea and take your time answering in the privacy of your own home. This worksheet is not overly complex but WILL get your mind going!