Every year I’m asked by parents of ballerinas what to buy them for Christmas!

Whilst I’m not a huge consumer of things and dabble in minimalism, I have made a list of products and ideas that hopefully inspire more thoughtful gift giving during the holiday season…

Packed with my favourite Australian dancewear brands, small businesses, ballet barres, turnout boards, books and lifestyle products, I hope this assists you in purchasing the perfect gift for the ballerina in your life – or YOURSELF!

None of these recommendations are sponsored – just simply a collection of my favourite things that I’m sure many in the Balanced Ballerinas community will LOVE.


Of course the first thing on this list has to be tickets to the theatre! This year I’m taking my staff to The Nutcracker as part of their gift and the best part of ticket gift giving is that you’re supporting the arts industry that we all cherish and love.


I mean, who doesn’t love some new dance wear for the new year! These are some of my favourite Australian small businesses to support…

  • Demi-Pointe Dancewear (custom designed skirts for all sizes!)
  • Bodile Dancewear (the best sauna pants!)
  • Kylies Tiaras (I’ve never told anyone this, but this is where I buy my students tiaras from!)
  • Keto Dancewear (super modern and cool!)
  • Lina Dancewear (friend of the pod and new mama!)
  • MDM Ballet Shoes (if you’re a student at my studio, we sell them! Otherwise check out your local dancewear store for a fitting…)


I’m always asked about where to purchase tools for home practice and to be honest you can’t really go past a ballet barre! Not only does it create a space that inspires you to do some at-home practice, but it’s also so useful as most home ballet is barre work.

We have quite expensive ballet barres at the studio that aren’t ideal for a home set up, so I haven’t purchased one of the Bespoke Ballet Barres. However I have sent many clients in their direction and they’re thrilled with their barres!

I have purchased their Bespoke Ballet Boards which are wonderful for improving turnout range and I keep them at the studio for students to use. They’re compact and don’t require much room, so if a barre is not in your budget or you don’t have the space – these might be a wonderful gift option!


Flotation tanks (also known as sensory deprivation tanks) are the ultimate in self-care. Imagine slipping into an epsom salt filled bath that’s enclosed. Because of the salt you float easily and the temperature is the same as outside your skin. All of this induces a hypnotic coma – trust me, it’s amazing.

A couple of years ago I bought my Mum a voucher to Freedom Float Centre for Christmas and she was so hesitant to go (thinking she’d be claustrophobic!) but she ended up LOVING IT. I also suggested floating to a friend who was experiencing debilitating back pain after a surgery gone wrong – she couldn’t believe how much it assisted in her recovery!

Floating has many benefits and I’ve been a regular floater on and off for over 10 years now. Flotation tanks have been proven to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, depression and sleep issues.


If you’re ballet friend is a book worm then I highly suggest these reads…

And my NUMBER ONE pick for any tween, teen or really WOMAN in your life…

  • Girlvana by Ally Maz (friend of the pod)


These are just a few things I simply can’t live without…

  • For the past five years I’ve ordered myself an Organised Life diary!
  • With all the hours i spend on the computer, my Blue Light glasses from Quay definitely save my eyes – not sponsored, just a wonderful product!
  • Journals! Any journal or notebook is such a thoughtful gift and one I certainly appreciate for brain dumps, goal setting and planning.
  • Calming organic bath salts. I just purchased 1kg from my favourite The Source Bulk Foods!
  • My Vitamix changed my life. Smoothies every morning – yes please!


I hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the ballerina in your life – or yourself! I know they’re not all dance related, but let’s face it… being a dancer is a lifestyle choice so what you read and consume is part of that life!

Let me know if this was useful by messaging me on instagram (@thebalancedballerina) or let me know if you have any further questions about anything I’ve recommended. By the way, none of this is sponsored – just love sharing great recommendations with my wonderful Balanced Ballerinas community!