I had the most delightful conversation with a gentleman by the name of Terry Hyde. I say gentleman because Terry came to the interview via Zoom in what looked like a very organised study in a wonderfully dapper suit jacket.

I on the other hand was in my pyjamas. Although my bed top is black, so it didn’t quite look like pyjamas. But it was 5am in the morning for me, so my apologies if I take a moment to warm up in this interview.

I really loved this conversation and found Terry to be so warm and inviting with his story telling and passion for his work. Let’s face it, I love anyone who is on a mission. And Terry’s mission is to provide counselling to dancers, teachers and artistic staff in the hope of creating better learning and working environments for dancers.

Terry Hyde is a registered psychotherapist and counsellor. Terry started dancing at age 6, joining the Royal Ballet at age eighteen before moving to London’s Festival Ballet (now known as English National Ballet) as a soloist and even performed in West End musicals, Film and TV.

Terry attained a Master of Arts in Psychotherapy, validated by Middlesex University in 2012, and in 2017 set up the website counsellingfordancers.com specifically to address the mental health needs of dancers. In 2021 he even created an app, which is called Help4Dancers and I highly recommend checking it out.

Terry understands the mental health needs of dancers and uses that in his one to one therapy sessions and in his proactive Mental Health Self-Care Workshops. You ca actually book an appointment with Terry via his website and if you feel drawn to him during the listening of this interview, I highly recommend doing so.

Terry is a little bit like my Mum. Very intuitive, very warm and very open to people sharing their stories, issues and idiosyncrasies. I can imagine a session with him would be incredibly rewarding.

A huge thanks to Terry for making time during his busy schedule and I hope you enjoy my conversation with Terry as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x

PS. The stunning artwork is called ‘Nevermore II’ by Polish artist Agata Mikulska-Sienkiewicz.