I have followed Annabelle’s adult ballet journey since she started regular classes in 2019 – Annabelle became a regular listener of the podcast and through her support, comments and sharing across social media we began chatting back and forth in our DM’s…

In fact, if I go back through them now we’ve had wonderful conversations about the positives and negatives of taking photos in class, the realities of taking class at home on Zoom, the importance of period positivity (especially amongst young dancers), what to call my ‘Seniors’ adult ballet class, which I eventually just called ‘Beginners’ for so many reasons (but thats a conversation for another time!) and we even had a conversation back in March of 2020 where Annabelle thanked me for giving her a shout out in one of my episodes and divulged that it was one of her unofficial ballet goals to become worthy of being the subject of a whole episode!

So here we are! But seriously, I think Annabelle has some wonderfully balanced points of view when it comes to the world of adult ballet and in this episode we cover her famous hashtag #BornAgainBallerina, the concept of ‘imperfect practice’, how pole dancing has improved her ballet technique and the realities of training from home during a pandemic. Plus so many more relatable and random topics that I think you’ll all love.

I absolutely loved this conversation and adore the social media friendship that we’ve curated over the past few years and if you’d like to follow Annabelle’s incredibly balanced journey with ballet you can find her on socials @annabellebrittle

Enjoy and let us know if you loved this conversation by commenting on the Instagram post that accompanies this episode @balancedballerinas

Grit & Grace,