Today’s guest is the gorgeous Jojo from Adult Ballet Collective, Adult Ballet Club and Ballet With Jojo. I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of those, but they’re so much more than just the instagram handle! Jojo started ballet at the age of 23 and is the poster girl for adult ballerinas everywhere, proving it’s never too late to begin your ballet journey.

Jojo and I share some very similar beliefs; first of all that ballet is for EVERYONE and secondly that adult ballerinas come with the most incredible life experience which shapes their bodies and minds in a way that allows them to move with such maturity, depth and ambition. We also whole heartedly believe that ballet is a LIFESTYLE and that ballet can truly turn your world upside down (for the better of course!) by enhancing your life, sharpening your focus and getting clear with your priorities. This is why I feel connected and drawn to Jojo and why we’ve been working quietly behind-the-scenes together to bring you some pretty cool offerings!

A little bit more about Jojo though…

Jojo isn’t just any ‘adult ballet dancer’. She has sought further education to learn and progress safely and wants to share her knowledge and experiences with other adult ballet dancers. Now I know that some of you are very experienced when it comes to the world of ballet, but there are many that are not. In fact I have listeners of this podcast from around the world that have emailed me to say how frightened they are to begin their ballet journey or local clients who signed up to take class with me but couldn’t work up the courage to get out of the car, walk across the carpark and enter the studio. This breaks me heart!

So someone like Jojo comes along and is the perfect bridge between this gap in mindset and confidence. Jojo likes fellow adult ballet dancers to think of her as their fairy godmother – someone you can ask a question to that you’re too afraid to ask the teacher or assist with making sure you’re prepared for your first class. I can’t tell you the amount of time my own adult ballet students have said, ‘in the beginning I was too afraid to ask you x, y, z…’ and I would consider myself a very approachable teacher. I couldn’t imagine how someone would feel around someone less approachable.

Jojo’s creation – Adult Ballet Collective – is a special place filled with workshops, special events, teacher features and collaborations. It really is a gift to the adult ballet community who oftentimes get left in the dark. Speaking of collaborations, yours truly is teaming up with Jojo to bring you an ‘Adult Ballet Beginner Course’ which will be live and online September 21st with tickets going on sale August 10th – don’t worry I’ll remind you closer to the date!

We’ll chat more about this and what’s included in the course during the episode, so in the meantime I really just wanted to introduce Jojo to the Balanced Ballerinas Community because I think she has something incredibly unique and valuable to offer students entering the world of ballet as an adult.

If you are interested in possibly attending our course (it’s not just for beginners, you may have been studying ballet for quite some time and interested in the course content!) make sure you follow both Jojo and myself on Instagram. Jojo is @jojo.ballerina and I am of course @thebalancedballerina

Enjoy my conversation with your ballet fairy godmother Jojo…

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x