Hello Balanced Ballerinas!

I hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves. I feel like some parts of the world are currently thriving whilst others are dipping in and out of this new covid normal with lockdowns and mask wearing. Oh it’s a lot isn’t it! And if you’re feeling a little anxious every now and then (like me!) I hope you find some solace at the barre, wherever that might be.

This week I have a beautiful conversation with an even more beautiful soul, Margot Hallac! This is the identity behind the famous @pointebrush account on Instagram.

And yes, Margot was named after Margot Fonteyn. With a name like that you just have to dive into the world of ballet, but as you’ll find out during our conversation ballet wasn’t always on Margot’s radar and whilst she danced as a child she has developed an even deeper passion for ballet as an adult.
Besides being the face behind Pointe Brush, Margot is a designer and a dancer living in New Jersey. She actually started Pointebrush as a side project and outlet to hone her skills as an illustrator and painter.
Margot graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Communication Design and went on to work at several large design firms before starting her own design business with her husband.
Margot so generously shares some very personal losses and heartaches whilst we explore the concept of healing at the barre and although these are some heavy topics, I promise the conversation is as colourful as her watercolours moving from business to pleasure and paint to lipstick.
Pour yourself a cup of tea, add a biscuit if that’s your thing and enjoy this one…
Grit & Grace,