This is an extract from episode #54 of the Balanced Ballerinas Podcast which is available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Firstly, a huge thank you to the Balanced Ballerinas community for allowing me to take a break over the Summer. I took a whole month off from teaching, blogging, vlogging, podcasting and the general day-to-day business of running a dance studio that nowadays hosts hundreds of adults and children every week.

Since opening my studio back in 2013, I have never just stopped like that and I really needed to. Like many, I was completely exhausted by the difficulties of 2020 and needed to catch my breath. I must admit, as everyone heads into 2021 with enthusiasm and high hopes for a new year, I’m a little wary. This year I’m choosing to simply courageously participate. Not exactly optimistic but not pessimistic either. Balance…

But I’m back and feeling more inspired than ever to continue sharing the Balanced Ballerinas message! Speaking of messages, if you’re reading this and not listening to this topic on the Balanced Ballerinas podcast, you should head there to hear some beautiful listener messages that were sent in. 

Before we go any further, if you’re not already part of the ‘Secret Balanced Ballerinas Facebook Group’ make sure you jump on and join in the conversation. This year I’d love to see more people use the space to ask each other questions, share photos from class or even recommendations…

Speaking of recommendations, whenever I do a solo episode this year I’m going to share three recommendations that you might also find useful or interesting.

  • David McAllister’s autobiography ‘Soar’ (also go read David Hallberg’s ‘A Body of Work’)
  • Progressing Ballet Technique Online Portal (if you want 50% off your membership, email or DM me!)
  • The Ballet Piano Podcast with Chris and Akiko Hobson and Matthew Gregory (who will be on the pod soon…)

Considering it’s the start of the year, I thought it might be nice to do a fun Top 10 episode. And today’s Top 10 as suggested by the title is, the Top 10 ballet related enquiries I receive at the start of the year…

  1. “I’m afraid to start ballet…” (adult ballerina)
  2. “I don’t have the flexibility/body/gear/permission to start ballet…” (adult ballerina)
  3. “Can I just watch the first class?” (adult ballerina)
  4. “Can I get a FREE TRIAL!” (parents and adult ballerinas)
  5. “I know I’m a beginner, but that class time doesn’t suit me, can I come to the advanced class?” (adult ballerina)
  6. “We don’t like our current studio, can we come to yours?” (parent of young ballerina)
  7. “I’m just after a ‘fun’ class, do you offer those?” (parents and adult ballerinas)
  8. “I’ve tried to book in and the class is full, could you please make room for me?” (adult ballerina)
  9. “My child is going to be in Senior School this year so she’s going to drop to one class per week…” (parent of ballerina)
  10. “My child is amazing!” or “My child is terrible!” (parent of ballerina)

If you head to episode #57 of the Balanced Ballerinas Podcast I go into depth about each of these enquiries and how I deal with them.

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x