Hello Balanced Ballerinas!

I’ve been meaning to have today’s conversation for a while now. I just had to find the time to pin down one of my favourite humans in the whole wide world – Mr Paul Boyd.

Mr Boyd (as you’ll hear me refer to him because I am absolutely incapable of calling him ‘Paul’) was my coach growing up from about ten to fourteen years old. At the time Mr Boyd was still performing with Queensland Ballet and continued to take me for private coaching as he entered retirement.

Mr Boyd entered my life during those pivotal years as a young dancer when you need the utmost attention and care if you’re going to make a career out of ballet. You also need the perfect balance between tough love and kindness which Mr Boyd has down to a fine art.

Now, regular listeners of the podcast have heard me occasionally talk about having some extremely damaging ballet teachers who didn’t have the best intentions when it came to their students and I want to clarify that Mr Boyd was one of the only teachers I ever had that I unquestionably trusted and can say with confidence made me the dancer and subsequently teacher I am today.

I was going to share a little background, but we actually delve quite deep into Mr Boyd’s illustrious career both overseas and in Australia, working with some of the most world-renowned choreographers and artists. As a young student, you’re so self absorbed and only occasionally explore your teachers past but never in depth, so it was so nice to sit down and learn more about the man, the artist, I admire so much.

I care more for this man than words can describe and I felt so teary towards the end of the interview as I reflected on how beautiful this man truly is. I remember performing in Queensland Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, one of my first professional performances, when Mr Boyd would watch me warm up side stage and check in to see how my nerves were. I’m certain that by the end of this interview, you’ll be just as in love with Mr Boyd as I am…

As a teacher, you just never know the impact you can have on a student and I’m so glad that Mr Boyd was part of my life growing up. I endeavour to be as kind and impactful as he was to me for my students. Thank you Mr Boyd for your time to generously have this conversation and for continuously pushing me to reach for the stars.

Grit & Grace,