I’m beyond excited to share this weeks guest with you all. As you would have seen from the title, today I bring you a conversation with the Kathryn Morgan. Affectionately also known as Katie and the YouTube star who brought ballet to peoples living rooms before covid made it cool.

Kathryn is an American ballet dancer who started her career as a soloist at New York City Ballet. I’m going to let Kathryn share her story in her own words, but I will share that after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition she had no choice but to leave the world of ballet and its unreasonable demands behind.

Getting married and thinking she would live out the rest of her life as a happy wife, Kathryn endured immense heartbreak and used ballet to cope with the pain of her divorce. The remarkable part of Kathryn’s story is her return to the stage at the age of 30 as a soloist with Miami city Ballet. An absolutely remarkable accomplishment after so much time off and a testament to her talent and skill.

I have wanted to host Kathryn on the podcast for a very long time now, but I’ll often wait to approach a potential guest until they have something really important to say, celebrate or share. In this case Kathryn released a now famous video titled ‘Why I left Miami City Ballet’ and after watching I immediately reached out. This video hit a lot of raw nerves for me.

Kathryn should be beyond proud of her career. As I mention in our conversation, as someone who is also trying to turn an industry upside down and forge my own path, I look up to and admire people that through the power of social media and sheer determination manage to be the architect of their own life by designing a career and personal brand that previously hasn’t really existed.

This is a long, but important conversation. So let’s get into it!

But first, I’d just like to say thank you so much Kathryn for baring your soul, sharing your story with the world and for giving a voice to all the ballerinas who suffer in silence.

Grit & Grace,