Today’s guest is the alluring recording artist Chelsea Pribble! Imagine being able to sing and dance so beautifully?

Chelsea’s album is titled Second Movement with tracks aptly named ‘Pas de Deux’ and ‘Prelude’. This is what captured my attention whilst browsing through Spotify one day and why I felt a pull to talk to this mysterious ballerina turned singer-songwriter.

I’m actually not going to spoil the story about how Chelsea landed her record deal with Sea Change Records. It’s a fabulous story that I asked Chelsea to share in the interview – so I’ll save it for her. However I can tell you that Chelsea studied ballet and music in Switzerland during her formative years before returning to the US to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in Dance).

As you hear in this interview, Chelsea finds it difficult to seperate her love of dance and music which is why they so often interlock and weave amongst one another through her body of work. I think it’s actually really beautiful and powerful that an artist like Chelsea can not only write, compose and sing their music… but can then also dance in their own film clip!

Few artists can create such a holistic end product that truly encompasses what they’re trying to portray. And what is Chelsea trying to portray? Well there’s definitely a hint of sadness about letting go of a dream to become a professional ballerina, but as you’ll hear it runs a lot deeper than that.

Chelsea’s childhood (which I tried to delicately and politely explore) had a few struggles and as someone who believes that art heals everything, I can see that Chelsea’s body of work as an artist has created some focus and clarity amongst life ups and downs.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with this delightful young woman and I highly recommend everyone go listen to Chelsea’s album Second Movement on Spotify. From the album artwork to the actual music, Chelsea’s work has a beautiful balletic quality that I think any ballet lover will not only appreciate, but enjoy.

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Now without further redo, here’s Chelsea Pribble…

Grit & Grace,