Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the gorgeous, vibrant and talented ex professional ballerina, master trainer and all round wonderful woman Louisa Paterson.

Like many guests I ask to join me on the podcast, Louisa and I first met via Instagram. Liking and tagging our way to a mutual understanding that we were all about the same things; balance, discipline, empowering women through movement and keeping it real.

And in the interest of keeping it real with my beautiful podcast listeners, I want to preface this conversation with the truth that I wasn’t feeling quite myself during this interview. It’s been a really rough week on the Balanced Ballerinas home front, loosing one of my closest clients and friends to dreaded cancer.

What they don’t tell you about in business school, is that if you’re lucky enough to cultivate a community you’re going to attract amazing humans and a handful of those humans will become your closest friends. So when you experience the tragedy of loosing someone you love within this environment, not only are you heartbroken yourself, but you also have the weight of your other clients heartbreak on your shoulders too.

It’s been a lot.

But I’m not going to talk about it anymore because I want to share more about who this beautiful client was in my 50th episode. Definitely not what I pictured for my 50th episode, but Cathy was the most elegant and graceful woman who deserves to be not only remembered but also celebrated. And I have the power to do so via this platform, so that’s exactly what I plan on doing in the next episode.

But for now, whilst everything is still a bit raw I SO welcomed today’s gorgeous guest with open arms. I’ve been wanting to e-meet and catch up with Louise (also known as Train Like A Ballerina) for so long, which is why I couldn’t possibly cancel.

Sydney born, Louisa’s career as a professional Ballerina took her to world stages where she danced Soloist and Principal roles alongside some of the worlds leading ballerina’s in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin. Retiring at the height of her career at 25, Louisa studied chemistry, biology and nutrition whilst completing her Masters in Personal Training.

Why did she retire? Well, reading between the lines Louisa (like many) found out that life as a professional ballerina can be very unbalanced and with a burning desire to help others she embarked on a mission to empower women rather than sit back and become another broken ballerina.

And I couldn’t be prouder of her because she’s done just that! Empowering women globally through her Train Like A Ballerina method and new program delivering premium online dance workouts – Relevé. The launch of her new website is super sleek and I highly recommend checking it out.

But the reason why I love Louisa is because she’s more than her workouts and sexy new website. She’s the full package, a curious mind with a heart of gold. Open to learning and not afraid to be graceful in one breath and dorky in the next. I’m sure you’re going to love her too…

Enjoy my conversation with Louisa Paterson!

Grit & Grace,