Hello beautiful ballerinas! How are you? That question feels so important right now and it’s the first question I asked todays, guest Ashley Ellis.

Before I share today’s beautiful guest I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Ella who is @ellamarjorie333 on Instagram (I think she’s from the UK!) who sent me the loveliest message…

Every week I can’t wait to listen to the podcast! I have replayed all episodes (when I go outside for my walk during Covid-19) and it’s been the highlight of my days. Thank you so much for your positivity and I wish you and your business all the best in such challenging times!

Thank you so much Ella. You totally made my day when I received that message. And then I felt really bad because when the whole Covid situation happened, I promised the listeners an episode every week and for two (or was it three?) weeks I delivered.

However, last week I didn’t release an episode. I was burnt out. I was tired. And with all the zooming I’ve been doing, I guess you could say that I was sick of the sound of my own voice so I decided to for the first time in Balanced Ballerinas history to break a promise.

Although instead of releasing an episode I did write something on the blog. I read a quote by RH Sin that said, ‘She is strong. But she is tired.’ It was the inspiration I needed to start journalling for closure, for understanding and for release. The journal turned into a blog post because I thought it might help other dance teachers or people in this industry feel less alone. So I hit publish. If you fancy, you can read it here.

Anyway, onto todays lovely guest…

Ashley Ellis started her professional career with The American Ballet Theatre before joining the Corella Ballet as a Soloist in Spain. As you’ll hear in our conversation this is where Ashley spent many beautiful European days filled with dance and work whilst meeting her husband George.

Together they moved to Boston where Ashley is a Principal with Boston Ballet, mother of one-year-old Grey and the Founder of (in my opinion) the ballet worlds favourite leg warmers – RubiaWear which are worn by professional and amateur ballet dancers all around the world!

As a proud wholesaler of RubiaWear, I’ve been in contact with Ashley off and on for the past few years. But we’d never sat down to have a conversation. So this was a real treat for me as I’ve admired Ashley as a business woman and of course ballerina for a very long time.

We chat about her beautiful career as a professional ballerina, how she became an accidental entrepreneur, what training from home is like with a toddler and the transition to online teaching. We also discuss the importance of setting boundaries and keeping perspective during this difficult time as a professional dancer and generally speaking, human.

As always, I hope this episode brings a little balance to your day…

Grit & Grace,