I think todays conversation is all about settling into this new norm as best as we can.

I hope this conversation helps you feel less alone.

I hope you’re treating yourself with kindness.

Our goal? To try put ourselves in other peoples shoes before judging them and try to not judge ourselves.

If you want to do daily live classes from dancers all around the world, then go for it. But if you feel like crawling up on the couch to watch Disney movies that’s okay too.

We are all going through an intense moment of stress and anxiety together and we need to do what feels right. What feels good.

If you’re practising at home, please be safe. Stick to the basics, move a little slower than usual and I’ll be sure to see you on social media @thebalancedballerina if you want to join in the Balanced Ballerinas #stayhome schedule.

You can download the schedule here…

I love you all so much and despite hugs being out of fashion these days, Im sending you all a big virtual hug across the sound waves…

Grit & Grace,