Nicole is also a qualified Royal Academy of Dance and Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance teacher and a regular guest teacher and choreographer for the RAD South East Queensland Panel.

Nicole has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Dance), a Master of Arts (Research) and a Diploma of Education (Middle Years) with Distinction, at Queensland University of Technology and is a sessional lecture at QUT whilst also implementing, creating and sharing various community outreach programs that Queensland Ballet have to offer.

Yes, she’s truly incredible (and incredibly busy!)

One of my favourite things about starting this podcast is the fact it’s given me a platform to celebrate and highlight people who are doing incredible work within the industry, but often fly under the radar or are incredibly humble about their success. It gives me a chance to share their story, celebrate them and help them stop to reflect on the amazing work they’re doing.

I first met Nicole at the Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers teacher training day…

I wanted to invite Nicole on the podcast to chat further about the program because as anyone who regularly listens to the podcast already knows, I’m a huge advocate for Queensland Ballet and all the community programs they provide… but as the conversation progressed, I realised how truly inspiring and incredible this beautiful woman is.

Sitting across from Nicole, I couldn’t help but notice she has the incredibly enviable balance of grace and softness with determination and drive. A combination I’m always trying to achieve. I was inspired and especially if you’re a ballet teacher, I’m sure you will be too…

Nicole’s list of work and achievements is inspiring and incredible in itself!As always, it would mean the absolute world to me if you subscribed (and even better reviewed!) the podcast on iTunes or Spotify as it helps keep the podcast going!

I told you, she’s phenomenal. Have a listen here… 

Grit & Grace,