Todays guest is Amanda Falson, the creative director of Wondergarden Dance in Melbourne, Victoria. And boy is she creative!

Wondergarden dance is a holistic pre-school ballet program that’s designed to plant the seeds of wonderment, mindfulness and love of movement into the hearts of families. And I’m telling you right now, the classes match up to the description.

In a Wondergarden Dance class children will find nature themed classes that celebrate Australian flora and fauna, beautiful props, musical instruments and story telling. But I can’t get past some of the little ones dressed up as actual gum nuts! You can also find the Wondergarden dance teachers sprinkling leaves over the children as they meditate. It’s incredible.

I first found Amanda’s beautiful classes on Instagram and I can’t remember who reached out first but we started a little friendship over the gram. So when I was coming to Melbourne, I insisted we meet in real life and sit down to chat for the podcast.

Amanda is the perfect example of how all parts of our journey lead us to the work we’re supposed to be doing. Amanda goes into great detail about her hardships and triumphs and is the epitome of combining all your talents and winding up somewhere you least expected…

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Amanda and I urge everyone to check out Wondergarden Dance on Instagram or through her website

For a parent of a little one, it’s a good example of what dance at a preschool level should look like and as a dance teacher it’s an excellent source of inspiration.

I’m certainly inspired by Amanda and I can’t wait to see her business continue to flourish and grow. It’s one of those beautiful businesses that was built with values at the forefront and Amanda’s wholeness and passion for what she does makes her the most beautiful leader in this field.

Grit & Grace,