Todays guest is super cool! Sarah Kiely is a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, dance teacher and qualified dry needling practitioner.

Sarah completed both her Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Which is why we run in the same circles (without realising it!) however as most connections these days I came across her incredible work and passion for helping dancers on the gram.

After many years of dance training, competing, performing professionally and continuing to teach dance herself, Sarah is super passionate about the treatment and management of developing young dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts. Basically anyone whose bodies are subjected to the extreme flexibility, strength, fitness and endurance.

Sarah wishes to combine her personal experience and Physiotherapy knowledge to help these young people through the demands of their athletic training. She uses manual therapy, Pilates, injury management, strength and conditioning, pre-pointe assessments, safe flexibility programs and technique goals to achieve results.

This is why I thought Sarah would be a perfect guest on the podcast because as you’ll hear she’s extremely passionate about her work and could talk for days on the subject. She was so easy to interview and I feel like we could have talked for hours.

We sort of centred around an important theme; the theme of building your team. As we begin to start strategically looking at ourselves on a more holistic level, it’s becoming increasingly important to build an amazing, supportive team around you.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy my conversation with Sarah as much as I did!

As always, come join us in the private Balanced Ballerinas group page on Facebook if you want to discuss any of the topics. I’m sure if you have a burning question, other balanced ballerinas will too… I’ll even see if Sarah can jump on and answer them.

Now, sit back or drive safe (depending on where you’re listening from) and enjoy my chat with Sarah…

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x