Hello ballerinas!

Todays guest is the gorgeous Kate Histon who owns a dance studio in beautiful Byron Bay called Dance Dynamics. For our overseas listeners who might not know where Byron Bay is, it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches and holistic practises in the world!

Growing up, my family spent many Summers staying in the caravan park by the beach in Byron and it’s always held a special place in my heart. Now I come in contact with studio owners all the time, but the reason why I wanted to interview Kate is because I’ve followed her studios story on social media for a long time now…

I resonate with a lot of her teachings, practises and overall studio philosophy, so I selfishly set up this interview so I could meet this incredible woman. Kate is incredible, from the moment we met she poured her heart out and we connected as often studio owners do… because it’s a bit of a lonely job and after about an hour and a beautiful tour of Kate’s stunning studio, we sat down to record this very special episode.

I’d also like to thank Kate for being so beautifully honest about her own personal experiences as a young dancer, I know it takes guts, but it’s also important, because it’s how we learn.

Now, I did it again, I forgot to ask this weeks guest what her top tip for leading a balanced life is? I only have one standard question, one job to do! And I messed up… I’m finding that when I’m completely engrossed in the conversation I try and wrap the conversation up because I know I could keep talking to them for hours and then I forget to ask the one question I’m supposed to ask every guest.

Anyway, I asked Kate what her tip is and she gave me 5! So have a listen to the podcast to find out what they are!

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x