The phrase ‘Dance Mum’ has been hijacked by awful shows like Dance Moms and poor behaviour from Mums at competitions with ‘Dance Mum’ encrusted in rhinestones on their back…

But it’s undeniable that a dance Mum is so much more than this stereotype!

It was Mothers Day this past weekend and I want to celebrate the Mums who just want what’s best for their child, who know when to push and when to step back. The Mums who learn to sew ribbons on ballet shoes and the ones who YouTube how to do the perfect ballet bun.

Today I want to celebrate the more balanced dance Mums and I couldn’t think of a more perfect role model than my own Mum.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that Mum is the other half of the Balanced Ballerinas brand. My Mum Sharron Canning is the quieter side of the brand. Whilst I’m always at the forefront of the content we produce, Mum is the one who orders our merchandise, organises for it to be printed, posts it off to interstate buyers, makes sure all our accounts are up to date and ensures I have enough money to live and keep doing what I do best – be creative.

Mum is also my business partner, the office manager at our studio and a loving Mother figure for over 200 little girls and boys!

We chat about Sharron’s role as a studio office manager, what it’s like to work with your daughter, letting children choose their own path, eisteddfod etiquette and our mutual dislike of props amongst other things!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did producing this special conversation with my phenomenal Mum.

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Grit & Grace,

Georgia x