Rosina Andrews is the author of ‘Pirouette Surgery’ and ‘Leap Surgery’. But don’t let the titles fool you – there’s nothing clinical or too complicated about her approach.

Aimed at dance teachers and educated little dancers, these books break down the technicalities and process of executing perfect pirouettes with commentary and anecdotes from the world record holder for number of pirouettes and dancers in The Royal Ballet.

Besides being a published author, Rosina is also a coach, mentor and choreographer working in the UK. Her strength and passion lie in classes, intensives and workshops that inspire dancers to dance smarter and favour safe dance practices over trends and fads.

We sit down to discuss a range of topics from mindset to leading by example. We even talk about our mutual dislike of turning boards and dangerous stretching tools that make us cringe.

In relation to this discussion you can find a list of great items to buy for a dancer on the blog here…

It was lovely connecting with Rosina and I hope you enjoy our little chat!

You can find all Rosina’s books and mentorship opportunities at

Grit & Grace,