Did you know that dancers are 12.4 times more likely to develop scoliosis? And that ballet dancers are at a higher risk of developing scoliosis than the general population? I had no idea.

A few weeks ago I received an interesting information package from my local Chiropractor. The facts and figures intrigued me so I decided to contact the clinic to see if Dr Michael would be willing to have a chat for the podcast, as I believe this information is really useful for young ballerinas and their parents.

I’d never met Michael before, but I’m so glad I now have! He’s passionate, enthusiastic and makes complex information more digestible. Since our meeting I’ve sent a few students his way for a check up and his feedback and understanding of dancers is impressive.

As a ballet teacher, you often pick up on parts of a students body that aren’t symmetrical that may need a second opinion or treatment. After all, we’re constantly trying to attain symmetry of the body and are starring at students in leotards all day!

Dr Michael and I touch on parents feeling shame for not ‘picking up on’ their child’s scapula abnormality or differing leg length or curvature of the spine. Parents, you have enough on your plate! Don’t feel ashamed for not picking up on a slight curve. As a ballet teacher, it’s literally my job to analyse your child’s body in a way that (unless you’ve studied ballet) simply don’t. So don’t feel ashamed! Just make sure you go have it checked out if your ballet teacher thinks something’s up.

You can find Dr Michael Reese here!

In this episode we cover…

  • Why are dancers 12.4 times more likely to develop scoliosis?
  • Why is scoliosis more prevalent in young girls?
  • Do you have any exercises or habits that can prevent this?
  • Can you develop scoliosis as an adult?
  • What does treatment look like for someone with scoliosis?
  • As a ballet teacher, I often send students off to the chiropractor or physiotherapist who I suspect might have scoliosis. Whats some other tools I can use to help with early detection?
  • What is the effects of putting off a diagnosis and treatment?

Do you suffer from scoliosis? Was this episode useful?

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