I don’t know about you, but networking, making new friends in my industry and opening myself up to new opportunities really makes my day! I had one of THOSE days when I recently met the lovely Dr Andrea Robertson.

Andrea is the owner of Southside Clinic which is also the home of The Barre Clinic in Adelaide. Dr Andrea is an Osteopath, Nutritionist and my new best friend. You know those people that you meet for the first time and feel like you’ve known for years? Yep, that!

We spoke about many things I’m passionate about; thoughts on nutrition, pre and post class snacks, we even assessed what I eat in a day which was really interesting.

Then we deep dived into what exactly an Osteopath actually does and the importance of conditioning, managing and listening to the body.

We touch on exercises for pre-pointe assessment and the importance of teachers not body shaming their students.

In a nutshell, I loved every bit of our chat and left feeling inspired and motivated to keep pushing the whole foods and healthy bodies message.

You also have to check out the Balanced Ballerinas instagram, because as you’ll hear in our interview, I pull out my camera to film Andrea. She did such a great job of holding the microphone whilst demonstrating exercises – it was hilarious!

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing the lovely Dr Andrea Robertson.

Below you’ll find links and information that we refer to in the podcast…

This document is the ‘Rainbow Foods’ spectrum (Credit: Institute of Natural Medicine) that Andrea suggest checking out > Phytonutrient Foods Spectrum

This is the Beightons scale for testing hyper-mobility that Andrea mentions (and tries to demonstrate whilst holding a microphone)!