Hey everyone, guess what?! The Balanced Ballerinas podcast went abroad!

Well, not really… however I did interview fellow adult ballet teacher Julie Gill who runs an adult exclusive ballet studio in Denver, Colorado.

As much as I would have loved to sit face-to-face with this incredibly intelligent and passionate woman, we had to settle for a web interview (which is why the sound quality of this episode isn’t like my other episodes).

However its quality conversation and thats all that matters!

As you’ll hear, Julie has quite an amazing story behind her journey into the adult ballet world and has many great insights and tips for any current or aspiring adult ballerinas out there.

I really enjoyed talking to Julie and I hope you get as much as I did out of this conversation.

Check out Julie’s studio Broche Ballet and her personal instagram @julietheballerina

Let us know what you thought about the conversation and as always you can do this by tagging @balancedballerinas on Instagram! I love seeing where you’re from and when you’re listening!

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x