I’ve almost finished editing my tenth episode guys! That’s a little milestone that I’ll be quietly celebrating from behind my computer screen with a glass of champagne! Ha!

I’m having so much fun organising guests, interviewing really interesting people and learning new skills. Navigating the editing and uploading process has certainly been a learning curve!

So I thought I’d share on the blog today why I decided to start the podcast in the first place…


Just like the blog, the podcast is a space for my adults and students to enjoy listening and learning about all things ballet. The BB community is also unique in that most of my clients and followers aren’t studying ballet to be a professional ballerina. They’re studying ballet for the grace and grit it brings to their daily lives and opportunities it may bring in many fields.

I want to meet cool people!

When writing this subtitle I initially wrote, ‘cool, like-minded people’ but as we all know thats not often the case. I expect (even welcome!) differing opinions on the podcast because that’s how we grow and expand our points of view. I actually can’t wait until I have a guest I disagree with. Is that weird? Haha!

It will help clarify my thoughts…

The ballet and dance world is riddled with differing opinions on teaching styles, technique, stretching, nutrition, pointe work… the list goes on! By speaking with many people I hope to clarify and evaluate my own thoughts surrounding all these topics and as a result become a better teacher.

Create a new habit!

I set myself a goal: drop a new episode every fortnight. Ever since launching the podcast I haven’t missed a deadline. In fact, I’ve actually over-delivered with bonus episodes! I have healthy habits around all facets of my businesses; e-newsletter cycles, blog deadlines, class plans, post-class routines etc. I thrive off these and the podcast is another I’m super excited to add to the equation.

Improve my public speaking and listening skills…

I’ll be honest. I haven’t been a good listener in the past. My Mum will be the first to tell you I often talk over the top of her. Sometimes when someone is talking I will zone out and start thinking about my to-do list. The podcast is forcing me to be more present and focussed when someone is talking to me. After all, if I’m not listening I won’t be a good interviewer as I won’t know what next to ask…


This might sound like a funny one, but I like the idea that I’m creating a library of information which can be accessed for years to come – even after I’m gone! You can’t really bottle your teaching technique or classes, but you can bottle a blog or podcast and I can’t wait to look back on all the episodes with pride.

There’s no rules.

Ballet has so many rules and syllabi that you follow within a structured dance environment. Business plans and industries also have lots of rules. However in podcast world there are no rules! Everyones podcasts are different genres, styles, lengths and they’re all designed for their intended audience. Starting a podcast gives me some creative freedom that I’m absolutely LOVING.

As my favourite podcast interviewer Rich Roll says,

All you need is the desire to create and the work ethic to get it done.

Grit & Grace,


PS. If you haven’t listened to the BB podcast yet, you can do so on iTunes or Spotify. Also, who would you like to see on the show?!