I’m always asked about equipment that can be useful for a ballerina practising at home.

Below are three pieces of equipment that I use all the time in the studio. These three items are also handy to have at home!

I’ve included personal recommendations and options depending on your budget…

Wether it’s an adult ballerina wanting to practise at home or a parent wanting to purchase some equipment for a birthday present, I think this list will help!


Cheaper Option – The Beam Store $222

The 1.52m adjustable barre is perfect for home and really reasonable. It’s not quite as sturdy at the STM but does the job. I have linked the exact barre above…

A little more expensive – STM Studio Supplies (enquire)

But worth it! We have this brand of ballet barres in all my studios. However they also do a beautiful, portable and adjustable barre for home. I have linked my recommendation above and fill out their form to enquire…


Cheaper Option – Kmart $8

These are a good starting point, however I suggest moving into a more expensive option as soon as possible – because these will eventually snap after heavy use!

A little more expensive – BLOCH $19.95

I have so many of these floating around the studio and home. They come in three different strengths and if you don’t want to purchase one of each I suggest buying the medium strength to start.


Cheaper Option – Kmart $8

Less expensive foam rollers are a good place to start as they’re generally less hard than more expensive brands. When you first start to foam roll it’s probably preferable to start with the softer, cheaper options because if you start with a very hard one you probably won’t return to foam rolling any time soon – ouch!

A little more expensive – SPRI $69.99

I have many foam rollers but I love this foam roller so much that I keep it at home for personal use. It’s extra firm and includes a stretching strap, bonus!