I hope you had a beautiful weekend bunheads!

Have you listened to Episode 2 of the BB Podcast yet?

Laura Trimble-Thompson (also known as Laura TT or Miss TT by her younger students) is a school teacher and yoga teacher, on a mission to help young people reach high performance targets with less effort and stress… amazing!

Laura is a fitting person to begin the new year as her zest for life and inspiring productivity will surely get you off your seat and ready to tackle the new year.

In this episode we cover Laura’s passion for yoga and teaching, her dive back into the world of adult ballet and the importance of natural ‘active movement’ and meditation.

Even better, Laura and I have a little present for you…

After you’ve finished listening to Episode 2, you can listen to the BONUS EPISODE which is a guided meditation specifically designed for dancers that find themselves in stressful situations like an audition or competition.

When you find yourself in one of these situations, you can go back to this bonus episode to gain some calm and focus.

Remember, the body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness…

Grit & Grace,
Georgia x