Last year I changed my Instagram handle from ‘Georgia Canning’ to @thebalancedballerina and launched this blog.


Firstly, I love writing and promised myself I’d do more of it. Secondly, it helps me express my philosophy around why I teach ballet.

But when I hit ‘confirm changes’ for a split second I thought, “Oh no, what have I done! I can’t call myself a ballerina! Who do you think you are Georgia!?”

Fortunately I paused and remembered why I most definitely CAN call myself a ‘ballerina’.

So this is my dilemma…

Why does a lawyer who plays golf recreationally confidently call himself a ‘golfer’?

Why does my uncle who surfs most weekends strongly identify as a ‘surfer’?

Why does my neighbour who attends yoga three times a week happily label herself a ‘yogi’?

BUT why does someone who loves, practises and respects ballet shy away from calling herself a ‘ballerina’?

If you practise ballet, you are worthy of such a title!

This is my life mission…

We NEED to break down the elitist barriers often associated with ballet, because the many benefits of practising ballet should not be exclusive to those with the perfect body, training and pedigree.

Yes, there’s ‘professional ballerinas’ but why can’t their also be ‘ballerinas’ just as there is ‘professional surfers’ and ‘surfers’.

I would have been miserable if I were a ‘professional ballerina’. I had the heart, legs, feet and drive… but I also had boobs and a booty. I would have been miserable maintaining the body that a professional ballerina requires and living in constant anxiety over performing on stage.

I am so proud of myself for designing a life around ballet that not only allows me to reap but share the benefits of ballet.

Go on, call yourself a ballerina – because you damn well are one!

Grit & Grace,

Georgia x