I have awesome news.

This time last year I stood on a roof in the heart of the Kibera slums (Nairobi, Kenya). My beautiful friend Krysteen pointed out potential space for their dream – a purpose built arts centre to continue the amazing work Annos Africa do in a safe and secure space.

I handed over our donated dance clothing and deposited the money we raised, hoping with all my heart that this dream would come to fruition.

The good news? They found a space and building starts very soon!

In the past I’ve had dance schools/principles ask how they can cultivate community at their studio through charity. Well! How about you put on a class with all proceeds going towards the Annos Africa arts centre? You can ‘buy a brick’ for 2000ksh ($26). Or you could go through your costume wardrobe and pull out those beautiful leotards that have never been worn but you’re unlikely to use (just like my good friends at Coastal Dance who gave me these blue beauties) and post them off.

How to ‘buy a brick’…

Follow this link.

Want to send donations? 

  1. Make sure they’re excellent quality (near new)…
  2. Place in separate zip lock bags and label ‘Childs Medium’ or ‘Size 5 Ballet Shoe’ etc
  3. Send to; Annos Africa, 81 Iverna Court, London W8 6TU and label as ‘charitable donation’ with their registered charity number 1131645.