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I know some of you are very excited about this one because it’s probably the most requested!

This video is for anyone wanting to improve their splits and apply some focus and thought behind their stretching routine.

I recommend using the video by pausing after watching each demonstration until you’re ready to move onto the next stretch.

All the stretches shown are quite deep, so I recommend doing this series after class, exercise or a nice hot bath. 

Don’t force the movements. Be gentle. Take your time. Remember to breathe. Let’s go!


Forward Lunge – Move slowly from an easier kneeling position to a more challenging position with the back leg extended and hands on the floor.

Butterfly Stretch – I like to move from a ‘seated butterfly’ to a ‘folded butterfly’ targeting the adductors, lower back and trunk extensors.

Lying-Down Groin Stretch – This is more relaxing than the next stretch and still targets all the adductors.

Frog Straddle – This can feel very intense, so be careful and move into position slowly. Always stretch until you reach a challenging point, not a painful point.

Happy Baby Stretch – This feels fantastic and targets the gluteal region, hamstrings and lower back.

Unilateral Leg Stretch – A fabulous stretch for hamstrings, gluteal region and anyone that suffers from lower back pain!

Hip Adductor Stretch – Do what feels good here! By using a theraband you can easily move the leg around in the hip joint.

Front Split – Try keep your shoulders and hips square. I like to move from an upright position to lying over the front leg.

Half Straddle Stretch – A great warm-up before attempting a full straddle position, warming up the hamstrings, quadriceps and calves and obliques.

Double-Leg Straddle Split – Start with really good posture, then experiment with leaning backwards and forwards.

Challenge! Roll from from Russian Split!

Let me know how you go! Do you find splits easy or difficult? Are you an adult trying to recapture your childhood flexibility? I love hearing from you…

Grace & Grit,

Georgia x