Oooo we’re getting into the double digits now! Homework post number eleven!

People are often asking what my favourite ‘tools’ and stretching aids are, so I thought I’d share my current top four.

Watch the video for a quick demonstration and read the details below for links to purchase or find these bits and pieces.

For the record; I am not sponsored by any of these companies, but if they’d like to, I’ll put my hand up! Ha!

Yoga Block

Yogi’s usually use yoga blocks for more advanced yoga poses, but they’re also great for a little (safe!) over-stretching. Mine is from Gaiam, but almost any will do.

In the video demonstration you can see I’m able to achieve some more mobility whilst in ‘froggy’ whilst also using the block to keep my deep stabilisers switched on during spinal curls.

Spiky Massage Ball

I can’t remember what brand mine is, however I purchased it from Rebel Sport. It’s the next level up from a normal massage ball, because it’s SPIKY!

In the video demonstration you can see there’s no wrong way to massage those feet. Simply glide from your toes, through your arch, all the way to the heel.

Yoga Loop 

Mine loop is the ‘small’ size from PTP Fitness. It’s fantastic for stretching and reaching those hard to reach places.

In the video demonstration I use my loop to stretch my shoulders and hamstrings.


The trusty old Theraband! A tool in most dancers kits, it’s usually used to point and flex into. However I use mine for stretching and strength.

In the video demonstration you can see a hamstring stretch and also how I use the band for banded calf rises at the barre.


What’s your favourite tools?!

Grace & Grit,

Georgia x