FOCUS: Back to Ballet!

It’s a new year and everyone is already back into the swing of classes! But are you feeling a little out of shape, alignment or practise?
After many requests, I finally got around to making a little ‘follow along’ video that you can do at home with an emphasis on simplicity to realign and engage muscles that you probably haven’t used over the break.
This video is perfect for younger students, older students, beginners, experienced… just about everyone!
From the outside, this little combination of exercises looks simple but I certainly worked up a sweat. Wait until you get to the eight grande pliés in first and second position!
If you don’t have a ballet barre, a chair or bench does the job.
I chose to NOT use classical music for this follow along video. I hope you enjoy the relaxing sound meditation playing in the background which is designed to encourage letting go of anxiety and deep subconscious fears.
As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask; DM, comment, email, carrier pigeon…

Before we get started, it’s most important to;


Here’s what we’ll be doing…

  • foot stretch with cambré decote
  • simple demi plié with rise
  • 8 grande plié in first position
  • 8 grande plié in second position
  • battement tendu en croix (front, side & back) with transfer of weight
  • simple rond de jambe
  • cambré in all directions
  • 10 x single leg calf raise



  • 8 x left and right hip openers using the theraband
  • 8 x PBT adductor exercise

*Apologies for the ‘serious face’. I honestly can’t do barre any other way. There’s just too much to think about! Who else pulls a snobby ballerina face during exercises?

Peace & Pliés,