I was getting pretty damn good at this by the end of 2017.

Now, I don’t particularly like making ‘goals’ – I’m more of a mantra kinda gal. But in 2018 I want to continue doing little things every day that take care of me.

And so should you.

Imagine if everyone fed, inspired and nurtured themselves? How content would the world collectively be?!

The argument against is that the world would be an incredibly selfish place with everyone constantly thinking about themselves.

But I disagree.

I’ve found that the more I stop, do little things for myself and reflect… the more understanding, thoughtful and receptive I am to the world and others.

“There’s only one corner of the universe which you can be certain on improving, and that’s your own self…” – Aldous Huxley

What are some little things I am doing and will continue doing in 2018? I like to break it into categories…

  • PHYSICAL – I obviously do ballet, but I make sure I move my body in a different way every single day. My current regime is Crossfit three times a week, Pilates twice a week and going for a run on Saturday and Sunday with my dog, Hiro.
  • INTELLECTUAL – Read. I didn’t do enough of this in 2017, so 2018 will be the year of getting through all those books on my bedside table.
  • SOCIAL – This is an interesting one. In 2017 I actually said ‘no’ to people that made me feel inferior or didn’t add value to my life. In 2018 I aim to let my inner circle know how much I love them. A sneaky text, host dinner, send flowers…
  • SPIRITUAL – I don’t believe in a ‘higher being’ but I believe in the universe and know that when I connect with nature, I feel better. More hikes, more ocean swims, more adventure in 2018.
  • EMOTIONAL – I struggle to control my anger and deal with stress when I’m not taking a few moments out of every day to breathe. I breathe over a morning latte, whilst writing in my diary and of course at the barre…

Tell me, are you going to keep leaving self care to Sunday or are you going to take baby steps to implement love for yourself into your daily routine? Already do this?


Tell me your habits. Tell me your secrets for balance…

Peace & PliƩs,

Georgia x