After being asked by so many parents and students (adults and children!) for take home exercises that target certain areas, I thought I’d start a ‘homework’ post that documents what we’ve focused on fortnightly.

This new initiative is to help everyone become more balanced ballerinas! Any questions, please ask via social media or comment below… happy to help!

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A healthy spine is of utmost importance for a dancer. Feeling some pain in your arabesque? Struggling with full cambré?

These exercises will help with mobility whilst also feeling yummy! They’re particularly relaxing and relieve tension after a stressful day.


Pelvic Rolls

  • Start in neutral (most people have a small gap under their back)
  • Start by pressing the lumbar spine into the floor, as you slowly roll up through the spine
  • Exhale at the top, whilst squeezing the gluteus on
  • Inhale as you roll back down passing through lumbar spine back to neutral
  • Focus on breath and repeat 8 x times slowly

Cat Stretch

  • On all fours (like a cat!) ensure your hands are placed under your shoulders and your knee to hip alignment is straight
  • Tuck the tailbone under, curving the spine to the roof and releasing the head to look at your stomach
  • Then tilt the tailbone to the ceiling, arching through the lower back with a raised eyegaze
  • Focus on breath and repeat 8 x times slowly


Swan Dive

  • Place your pelvis on the swiss ball
  • Use your core to lift up into extension with arms in 5th
  • Slowly (carefully!) roll forward to plank and sweep the legs into a ‘fish dive’
  • Repeat 8 x times – much more fun with beautiful music playing!


Always cool down after spinal mobility exercises to avoid a stiff or sore back. ‘Childs pose’ is the easiest and most effective.

I hope this video with the movements helps! Let me know in the comments below or by shooting me an email [email protected]

Peace & Pliés,

Georgia x