Taking care of your pointe shoes means taking care of your feet. Pointe shoes are expensive and you only get one set of feet in this life!

Here’s some basic (but important!) tips for your pointe shoes…

  1. Sew with strong cotton! When it comes to sewing your pointe shoe ribbons and elastics, ordinary cotton doesn’t cut it. Some people even use dental floss! I preferĀ Bunheads ‘Stitch Kit’. I would say ‘invest’ in one, but they’re not even that expensive at only $12.99
  2. Air your pointe shoes! Pointe shoes can go mouldy and soft if left all sweaty in your bag. Get into a routine of hanging them somewhere to dry. I suggest your bed-head or a curtain rod. I don’t suggest an enclosed space like on a hanger in your closet, unless you want smelly clothes.
  3. Breaking in your pointe shoes doesn’t mean ‘breaking’ them! Despite all the brutality you see towards pointe shoes in the movies, pointe shoes will last longer and ultimately flatter your foot better if you take your time and work in the shoe. My ‘pre-pointe exercises’ tutorial would be a good way to break in new pointe shoes…
  4. Cut your toe nails! If you’re in a lot of pain with your pointe shoes, there’s a good chance it’s not your pointe shoes but your toe nails. Always make sure your toe nails don’t protrude beyond the tip of the toe.
  5. Your feet will sweat A LOT in pointe shoes! To avoid feet fungus (ew, yes, gross…) walk around in thongs or bare feet to air out your tootsies. Popping on socks and sneakers straight after sweaty pointe shoes only increases the chance of fungus and doesn’t allow blisters to start healing.