This ‘follow along’ video is excellent for:

  • students who are about to go en pointe
  • students who are not ready for pointe yet and have been asked to do extra strengthening of the metatarsals
  • students who are a few years off pointe shoes, but would like to start strengthening the ankles and developing foot articulation
  • students who are already en pointe but would like some extra accessory work

Turn out range, strength, core control – these are only a few things you need an awareness of to successfully start pointe work!

This short video should help with ankle stabilisation, strength and foot articulation.

  • perform in bare feet for stronger awareness of articulation in the feet
  • if you don’t have a barre just use the back of a stable chair
  • aim for smooth transitions between movements
  • perform en pointe once confident
  • I recommended 3 months of barre before attempting centre work
  • don’t forget the accessory work at the end!

ALWAYS consult with your ballet teacher prior to purchasing pointe shoes.

The ballet class music used in this video is by Richard Maddock and you can find his amazing music on iTunes and Spotify – Find on iTunes here!