Since beginning the GC DANCE & TUTU TIMES journey it’s been my mission to bring grace to peoples lives and break down the elitist barriers often associated with ballet.

As I get older (and hopefully a little bit wiser!) I strongly believe you should take whatever it is that you’re best at and make the world a better place.

For me, it’s ballet.

About twelve months ago I showed a video to my GC Dance students which showed some children learning ballet in the Kibera slums (Nairobi, Africa). They were blown away by these children learning on a dirt floor in ill-fitting dance attire with no ballet barres.

Since that day all the ballet students thank the ‘dance floor’ after reverence at the end of class. Super cute!

My students gratitude inspired me so much that I decided to put my money where my mouth is and plan a philanthropic trip to meet and work with the charity behind the video I showed my students, Anno’s Africa.

That trip is now only two weeks away!

Since the planning process started my dance community have collected numerous donated leotards and ballet shoes for me to take over, sponsored three ballet students from Dance Centre Kenya and raised $2000 for a new Anno’s Africa Dance Centre.


Within my studio there has always been a focus on community and breaking down the elitist barriers often associated with ballet. This is how Peace & Pliés was born.

…a community-based social impact project that provides ballet shoes, uniforms, equipment and other essential items (we often take for granted in the studio!) to underprivileged or remote areas.

Some of our adult classes are non-profit or a charitable donation and in the past we have given thousands of dollars to local Gold Coast charities and members of our GC Dance community who have fallen on hard times.

Now all donations will go towards the Peace & Plies project…

…because the work doesn’t stop after this trip I’m about to embark on! I have some more big plans and want to continue this extremely fulfilling work which keeps our dance community inspired and passionate.

I’ll be posting more about my little adventure soon, so if you’re interested keep checking back or follow The Balanced Ballerina on Facebook here.